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We offer a range of services to local clients and people visiting from out of the area...

Companion Animals


Our AGFA CR30-X digitizer produces extremely high-quality x-ray images in a digital format.  X-ray results are reported on the same day.


We use ultrasound imaging machines in both small animal and farm practice. These are used to image the abdomen and chest in real-time and can help in the diagnosis of a number of conditions. Sedation is not always required which makes this a useful tool in emergencies.


Our modern laboratory is well equipped with state-of-the-art IDEXX analysers, providing rapid and accurate biochemistry and haematology results, as well as allowing us to diagnose and monitor many common diseases within minutes of sampling. We can also perform a number of other tests in-house, including examinations for some parasites and urinalysis. The support of an external laboratory gives us access to a wide range of specific tests and the opinion of a pathologist, in many cases within 24 hours of sampling.

Operating Theatre

We have a dedicated operating theatre with surgical lighting and full anaesthesia facilities including an oxygen generator, isoflurane gas anaesthetics and pulse oximetry.  This allows us to perform sterile procedures in excellent conditions.

Dental Services

For animals in need of a routine scale and polish, we use an automatic ultrasonic scaler much like the ones used in human dental clinics. This makes the procedure quick and thorough. A wide range of specialised dental tools and equipment are available if extractions or dental surgery are required.

Weight Management

We offer a free weight management service where you can access the support of a veterinary nurse who can recommend an appropriate diet to help your pet reach their optimal healthy body condition.

Farm Animals

Our large animal service has been a vital function of the practice since its inception, and we are proud to have built up strong working relationships with the many farmers, land managers and stockmen among our clients.

At Strathspey Veterinary Centre we have the optimal health of your livestock at heart, and we know that good health means good returns. Our vets have experience in devising and implementing health plans to help you decide on and then achieve your aims. We will work in partnership with you to improve welfare, eradicate disease and reduce labour.

Our BCF Technology ultrasound equipment allows us to carry out detailed cattle fertility investigations as well as routine pregnancy diagnosis. We can offer the benefit of being able to address any problems as they arise, unlike lay scanners, so that hopefully you can see improved margins as a result. We also take a keen interest in bull fertility and have an electro-ejaculator in order to carry out fertility examinations, including semen analysis. Annual examination of bulls can give you a head start by identifying any problems long before they would otherwise become apparent.

We take lameness seriously and have the right equipment to make treating cattle foot problems straightforward. A rotating crush allows all four feet to be examined and treated safely and easily, and is ideal for foot surgery, while our grinding equipment speeds up the job of trimming.

With preventative medicine central to our ethos, we offer a full range of vaccines for use in large animals. As well as a range of handy supplies such as tags, castration rings and feeding tubes, the practice stocks very competitively priced worm and parasite treatments, so always phone for a quote.


As well as the bustle of our usual small animal and farm work, we do a number of other jobs you might be interested in.

We provide local veterinary cover for the Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig, which houses a number of rare and exotic species such as wolves, Japanese macaques (snow monkeys), bison, Arctic foxes, polar bears and tigers, as well as wildcats, deer, pine martens, otters and several species of birds. In addition to the emergency service we provide for the park, our senior vet Jane spends one day a week there looking after the routine health needs of the animals.

Many people familiar with our area will know about the Cairngorm Reindeer Herd, and we are lucky enough to be able to provide veterinary services for these beautiful animals, who travel the UK each year pulling sleighs in festive parades. They are not just for Christmas though, and the herd spends most of the year enjoying the wonderful habitat of the Cairngorms plateau, where they have roamed since their introduction in 1952.

The practice area hosts a large number of shooting estates and a major part of this sort of enterprise involves rearing birds for release. We work in partnership with gamekeepers to ensure the birds’ optimal health and welfare and undertake regular site visits to offer advice and guidance.

Our practice is an official Veterinary Nurse Training Practice and we provide training and work placements to student nurses via North Highland College UHI. Our Clinical Director Jane Harley is a Clinical Coach, meaning she mentors student nurses who are in training.

The practice is a member of the voluntary Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’ Practice Standards Scheme, which means we have committed to meet stringent standards of training, hygiene, equipment and protocols. A requirement of membership is that we undergo regular independent inspections, as well as spot checks.

Vets within the practice are involved in a number of other roles, including inspection of zoos, inspection of riding establishments, work for the Meat Hygiene Service, and undertaking official veterinary work on behalf of the Scottish Government.